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Either 25% or 50% cashback on your hotel booking

The Andalucían government will give you money back for being a local tourist

Did you know? If you’re registered on the local padrón in La Línea, you can claim either 25% or 50% of the cost of your (Andalucían) hotel booking back from the government – up to 300€!

Everybody is entitled to a 25% refund, but if you earn less than 22,000€ or have a disability, you may be entitled to 50%.

Check out their promo video below (with added English subtitles).

See official information from the Junta in Spanish.

This initiative was launched back in 2020 to help the region’s tourism industry to cope with the COVID-19 pandemic – and has now been extended until 9th December 2021.

Eligibility to claim the Bono Turístico de Andalucía:

  • You must be registered on the padrón in a municipality in Andalucía.
  • The hotel must be outside of the municipality you are registered as living in.
  • The hotel you use must carry the “Andalucía Segura” mark.
  • You must make the purchase through an agente de viaje. Search for approved agentes de viaje and “establecimientos hoteleros” here.
  • You must stay for a minimum of three nights.
  • You must claim the money back within a month after your trip.
The maximum bonus that can be claimed is 300€.

How to claim the Bono Turístico de Andalucía:

You can apply online here. It’s not as straightforward as you’d like, but depending on how much you are entitled to, it could be worth the hassle!

  1. Enter your NIE.
  2. Inicio del trámite – fill in the really long form…
  3. Documentación adjunta – attach the following:
    • Copy of your Passport, ID or driving licence.
    • Copy of empadronamiento.
    • If third-country national, a copy of your permit of residence.
    • If applying for 50% bonus, accreditation of disability graded at 33% or more or certificate of not having to declare income tax.
    • Invoice issued by the travel agency stating the amount paid for accommodation (excluding any other tourist services contracted). Said invoice must include the Andalusian Tourism Registry code of both the agency and the hotel.
    • Documentation accrediting the stay made, issued by the provider of the tourist accommodation service and showing your NIE/DNI number.

How will I get my money?

Once the checks have been made, 25% or 50% of the amount of the trip will be credited to the bank account you gave details for in the application form.


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