Skaters petition City Hall of La Línea

Funding would go towards restoring green areas, access, and health and safety features

The Friends of Wheels collective was disappointed to learn that that the local Ayuntamiento will not be supporting them in their project to improve the Skate Park and surrounding areas.

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The #DIYskatepark, as it is known these days, got its nickname from the fact that the skaters themselves have traditionally been responsible for its development and maintenance.

Once a barren, concrete monstrosity – the park is now an attractive skate spot for both amateurs and professionals alike.

The Friends of Wheels Collective strives to make the park welcoming and accessible to all, giving advice and even lending equipment to complete beginners who want to try skating for the first time – and the facility is frequented just as much by families with young children, as it is by the youth and adults of all ages.

The association were hoping that the local council would see some of the potential benefits a development project like this could bring to the Princesa Sofia park.

But on meeting with them earlier this week, they were told not only that funding was unavailable, but instructed that they must cease using the storage facility under the stands – something they had been given access to previously to store first aid supplies and skate & bicycle tools.

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FAO Excmo. Ayuntamiento de La Línea de la Concepción:

  We, the undersigned, petition the Ayuntamiento of La Línea de la Concepción to provide support to #DIYskatepark2022 – a community project to improve facilities at the #DIYskatepark in Princesa Sofía park.

The #DIYskatepark2022 project will not only benefit the skaters, but the entire community. It consists of the restoration of green areas around the skate park, better access (in the form of a path joining the bicycle lane with the skate park), repair and upkeep of lighting for the safety of park users at night, and installation of toilet facilities.

We also petition the council to reverse their decision to revoke the association’s permission to use the covered storage facilities underneath the stands – currently being used for First Aid supplies, skate and cycle repair kit, and membership management.  

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