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Watch: La Roca

Living through the infamous 13-year border closure

A documentary that feels all the more poignant right now – as we wait for the border to be dismantled – La Roca tells the story of the infamous border closure in a series of human experiences.

Watch now:


In 1969, General Francisco Franco ordered that the land border between Gibraltar and La Línea that we know and love today, was completely closed for 13 long years.

Practically overnight, families were split down the middle and stranded from each other, as well as from their jobs.

It didn’t re-open until 1982 – seven whole years after Franco’s death.

La Roca is basically a collection of intimate interviews with various border-closure veterans from both sides of the frontier (with two-way subtitles).

Some will make you laugh, others will make you cry. The reality of the situation is that during the border closure, some people had to use binoculars to see how their own children had grown.

As a bonus, you’ll also get to see a lot of footage and photos of how different Gibraltar and La Línea looked over 40 years ago.



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