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Last week in La Línea: 22-28 March

A roundup of our top local news stories from the last seven days...

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Hundreds of people (along with approximately 20 dogs) hiked in protest on Saturday against the proposed construction of an electrical substation in La Línea’s only campo area.

The group met at the Santa Margarita Centre and took the Puerta Verde route from Santa Margarita towards La Alcaidesa, enjoying the huge variety of wild flowers and fauna that the area has to offer – something which environmental groups say will be irreparably damaged if the building goes ahead.



One daft little dog managed to get himself stuck in a tiny gap between two houses, and was only able to be rescued because the owner of one of the houses agreed to break a hole in their wall.

Watch the moment the puppy was released after three long hours of rescue efforts…

More info and pictures of little Santos can be found on Prodean Animal Shelter’s Facebook Page.



The Ayuntamiento de La Línea has decided to cut support and funding for the #DIYskatepark in Princesa Sofia Park. This includes lighting, restoration of the green areas surrounding the park, use of the storage facility for workshops and the possibility of installing toilets and better access.

The Friends of Wheels Collective has started a petition which can be signed here.



Buoys are to be installed around all seven beaches in the municipality. These buoys will mark out safe bathing areas as well as six channels of entry for small recreational sailing boats or motorboats.

The buoys will be installed by the end of May 2021 and removed each year by the end of September, at a cost of 121,000€ for a four-year contract.



The Plan de Arbolado Urbano aims to plant 150 or 200 trees, more than 14 palm trees and about 1,000 shrubs in different areas around La Línea this year.

The Parks and Gardens department this week confirmed that this project is now underway and will begin by planting trees along Avenida de España and Avenida María Guerrero, as well as in the Sacra estate (behind the bus station), Cibeles, Luna y Arco Iris squares.



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