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How to pay your vehicle’s road tax

'Impuesto sobre Vehículos de Tracción Mecánica' or 'IVTM'

The IVTM is a tax that many forget about, or simply don’t bother to pay. You may well never receive a letter reminding you to pay it, but be aware that you WILL one day receive a fine for not doing so!

It is an obligatory road tax that must be paid, due at the end of June every year. Unlike the emissions tax (that you pay when first buying your car) the IVTM fee is based on a vehicle’s horsepower. To get a rough idea of this cost, my 1.4 diesel car costs me about €67 per year. A 2.0 diesel car will cost about €100 per year, so it not going to break the bank. Motorbike owners must pay this tax also.

To find out how much you will have to pay, use this calculator (translated by Google).

If you are late paying your IVTM, a small fine will be issued which is usually around 5% of the total. However, if payment has not been made after 1 year, the penalty rises to around 20%.

I was 5 months late paying this year, and my interest was only an additional €7, so no big deal!

Remember: Your car could be impounded if you don’t pay this tax.

However, I’ve also heard that, at least in these parts, this does not really get enforced (I’ve not personally heard of this occurring to anyone I know who has not paid.) Still, I think for such a small payment, is it really worth the risk?

How to pay your IVTM in La Linea:


You can fill in an autoliquidación for the IVTM on the Diputación de Cádiz website.

Choose “Acceder sin identificar” if you don’t have a Certificado/Cl@ve.

By e-mail

If you struggle with the online form, you can send an email to giving your licence plate number, and state that you wish to pay.

Just write something like: ‘Me gustaría solicitar el impuesto de circulación de mi vehículo con matrícula.’ (I would like to request the circulation tax of my vehicle with registration).

I also suggest adding: ‘Agradecería si me lo pudieras enviar por email. Estoy de acuerdo con la protección de datos.’ (Please send it by email, I agree with data protection).

Or copy this handy template:

Hola, me llamo (insert your name here), con matrícula: (insert your license plate number here).

Me gustaría solicitar el impuesto de circulación de mi vehículo con matrícula.

Agradecería si me lo pudieras enviar por email. Estoy de acuerdo con la protección de datos. Gracias.

After following these steps, I received the following paperwork via e-mail within the hour:


You can take this to your bank, or if you don’t have a bank, to one of these banks during their allotted hours for bill payments. They should take the payment, stamp the document and return it.

There is also an online portal where you can pay it, by entering the barcode number from this letter:

PRUEBA DE ENTREGA (proof of delivery)

This is just to prove that they sent the payment request to you. All you need to do is sign this.

Once you have paid at the bank and signed, you can photo the documents and e-mail them back. You should receive a confirmation e-mail.

That’s that!

One more note. It’s probably worth asking them when the next payment is due, and if they will send you correspondence. I was told they will do so next time. But hey, maybe don’t count on it!


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