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How to get or renew your Health Card in Gibraltar

Guide to online applications for the E111/GHA registration during lockdown...

To apply for or renew your GHA health card registration, download the application or renewal form, as well as the guidance notes, from this page. Attach your completed application/renewal form and appropriate evidence (as indicated in the guidance notes), to

Please note – this mailbox will only accept messages under 20MB, so you may need to compress your attachments or split your application into two emails.

If you are a frontier worker, you will need to attach a stamped S1 form to your Health Card application. Don’t worry – you can do this by email too, by following these steps:

  1. Get your S1 certificate from Gibraltar – Use this online form or email
  2. Get it stamped by Spain – Send an email to with:
    • Subject: “Sellar s1”
    • Attachments: Passport, Residencia, S1, Padron (if address on residencia isn’t the same as current)

This department is currently working on a huge backlog, and so it’s recommended that you apply ASAP. If you need urgent healthcare while your new application is still being processed, you can ask them to deal with your application urgently. Some applications in this emergency scenario have been dealt with on the same day. If you are already registered but your card has expired, then as long as you have applied for your renewal, you will be able to access all healthcare services as normal.

Health Card registrations office telephone numbers:

  • +350 20007833
  • +350 20007860
  • +350 20007866

Open for enquiries from 9am – 1pm, Monday to Friday. Please note, waiting time to speak to someone on any of these phone lines can be over 15 minutes.


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