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Watch: Gibraltar Airport

A short film by ex-La Línea resident, Martin Modev

After living in La Línea for some years, you can be forgiven for tiring of the spectacle that is Gibraltar airport. It’s easy to forget how cool you once thought it was… to cross a live runway or watch a plane take off into the sunset on your way home from work.

Watch now:

For Martin Modev, however, that magic wasn’t lost. He remained fascinated by this weird little airfield long after he left us for greener pastures, and so he created this short film from the footage he had collected during his time here.

“I was curious about the history of Gibraltar airport and since I didn’t find any decent documentary about it, I wanted to do one myself”, Martin told us. He also enlisted the help of someone who worked with the Gibraltar archives, providing him with various facts and some of the old photographs you will see in the film.

Martin is a travel filmmaker currently based in Sweden. He posts footage from all over – from Tarifa to North and South America. Check out his other videos on his YouTube channel, or subscribe below!

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