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Extra bus services for the feria

Additional services added between 22:00 - 05:00 for festival-goers

In addition to the regular town service, the Ayuntamiento has added additional services throughout the night which will pass by the main entrance of the feria (see map).

These services will cost the same as a regular daytime bus (1€ for a standard ticket; discounts for pensioners and those holding discount cards).

Here’s the original feria timetable information (in Spanish).

But to summarise, you will be able to catch one of these buses from the main entrance, or “portada”, at least between 22:00 and 04:00 every day of the feria – from Saturday 16 July – Sunday 24 July.

Service 1 (bullring, La Atunara, hospital) and service 2 (Junquillos, Carrefour, hospital) will run every half hour, while service 3 (El Zabal, Santa Margarita) will run hourly.

Portada Feria:


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