Curfew and other restrictions to be lifted this weekend

Beaches to open and the return of the nightclub

There will be a final, mini-curfew lasting just one hour this Saturday, from 23:00 – 00:00.

That’s because Spain’s state of alarm, which imposed the curfew and the perimeter closures around the autonomous communities, will come to an end from Sunday.

Andalucía is one of the communities that have already confirmed they will not be imposing their own curfew or borders on a regional level.

Last night, bar and restaurant owners in La Línea seemed to relax after the news, leaving customers at their tables until as late as 10:50 (even though technically they still had to close at 10:30 in line with current rules).

Let’s have a look at what else will change from this Sunday:


As far as Spain is concerned, you can now travel internationally by plane, land or sea – although each country that you travel to will have its own policy on tourism.

Within Spain, you will be able to move between communities, although Valencia remains closed and some communities have not yet announced their situation. Within Andalucía there are still some municipalities which remain closed – check the government’s Mapa Covid before you travel.


Restaurants and bars serving food will be permitted to open for an additional 1 ½ hours (until 00:00) from Sunday. Provided La Línea is downgraded to level 1 on Wednesday (which seems likely as La Línea only needs to reduce its “tasa de incidencia” by 6 – from 55 to 49) table sizes will increase to 8 people inside, 10 outside.


There will no longer be restrictions on who, or how many people can meet in a private house.

Nightclubs and concerts

After one whole year of closure, nightclubs will finally be permitted to re-open – until 2am. Dance floors will still not be permitted in La Línea until the municipality is downgraded to a level 1 from the current level 2, although this could happen as early as Wednesday. Once this happens, dance floors will be permitted in outdoor areas, as long as dancers wear masks.

Other relaxations

Beaches were previously closed between 21:30 – 07:00, but now will remain open 24/7. Celebrations such as weddings will be able to invite up to 300 guests if held inside, and 500 outside. Theatres, cinemas, sport and other cultural entertainment venues can hold events with attendees leaving one seat between each other.


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