Nice to meet you!

Welcome to La Linea Life – home of the ex-pat community in La Línea de la Concepción.

Our little group was originally formed in 2019; the idea at that time being that us foreigners would have somewhere to share information with each other about local events.

Then, Lockdown happened.

With no events to share, we shared information about lockdown measures, border restrictions, and essential shopping hours. The increased security at the border meant some people needed to get their documents sorted – and fast. We tried to assist with that too. Soon we were linking people up with allsorts of information – local news, local facts, citizen’s advice and more.

Rather than kill us off, lockdown made us grow into something much bigger!

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    Our mission

    We are working towards the following goals:

    • Helping newcomers settle in La Línea (and in Spain in general): making new friends, arranging necessary documents, and navigating the Spanish way of life.
    • Keeping you updated on local news and developments that could affect you
    • Supporting local businesses and local events, and helping them to better understand the ex-pat market
    • Actively generating our own events and initiatives 
    • Supporting the amazing community and volunteer initiatives that are already helping our town so much, as well as any new ones
    • Finding new locations and the hidden gems of La Línea
    • Pushing for integration of the ex-pat community:
      • Promoting knowledge of the culture and history of La Línea and Spain, the Spanish language and the local dialect
      • Facilitating our inclusion in local affairs, and eligibility for local and state programmes
      • Showing La Línea that our presence can enrich their town’s culture rather than encroach on it!