3 Youtubers who can teach you about Spain

Quality content creators who know their Spanish stuff

Spain Revealed

James, a New Zealander, with his wife Yoly, a Madrid native, created a website and Youtube channel to help people who recently moved to Spain find their feet. Focused in Madrid, but also with travel blogs from all around Spain, they cover how to live like a local – eating, drinking, cultural customs, and even finding a home. Their website also has a useful ‘survival guide’ for Spain living.

Both having worked in tourism, with an aim to preserve and repair some of Spain’s traditional venues and larger locations, they talk much about sustainable and regenerative travel, encouraging newcomers on how to avoid the tourist traps, and engage with true Spanish culture. This is a great channel to help gain a deeper understanding of immersive living.

Spain Revealed Website Spain Revealed Youtube

Spain Speaks

This is my main go-to channel to keep in the loop! Stuart is a Spanish language teacher originally from Melbourne, who now lives in Madrid. He started his channel as a video blog all about his own travels and experiences living in Spain. The channel came into its own over the Covid crisis, as Stuart continues to do an amazing job summarising the national daily news.

Impartial and objective, Stuart creates daily videos, doing a great job keeping everyone informed. His channel is also a great source of learning for the in’s and out’s of daily living in Spain and even helps to teach us some understanding of the politics here. He’s even been throwing in a bit of Spanish language learning of late! Keep it up, Stu!

Spain Speaks Website Spain Speaks Youtube

Elyce Behrsin

Elyce has filmed many European travel blogs, with a video series focused on Spain. Elyce talks about her personal experiences living here, including some of the cultural quirks you can expect to encounter. Elyce also talks about her travels around the north of Spain and the best things to take in if you plan to go and visit up there.

Elyce post some really interesting videos about certain concepts you may have always wondered about while living in Spain. For example, if you want to know about the differences between living in the north and south Spain, see this video.

Elyce Behrsin’s Youtube Elyce’s Spain Playlist




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